Homestay program is now available! In this program, you can not only learn Japanese language but also Japanese culture, customs, and different ways of living. Even if you study abroad in Japan, you seldom have a chance to make Japanese friends. How about having another family in Japan? If you are interested, enquirys are always welcome.

  • A program provided by a special homestay agency.
  • A private room.
  • With meals (1 meal: breakfast / 2 meals: breakfast & supper)
  • An orientation at the start of this homestay program will remove your worries.
  • Emergency support is available 24 hrs in your own language.
Plan Program Arrangement Fee Homestay Fee
1 meal plan (Breakfast) JPY 18,000 + TAX JPY 4,000 + TAX / night
2 meals plan (breakfast + supper) JPY 18,000 + TAX JPY 4,500 + TAX / night

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Homestay Q&A

Q1:I can’t speak Japanese well. Will that be a big problem?

A1:You should consider brushing up on your basics or learning a few phrases, but remember that there is much more to communicating with your family than language itself. The key to breaking the language barrier lies in using many different tools ? Try gestures, pictures, sounds, drawing… have fun with it.

Q2:I don’t know very much about Japanese customs and culture. Is there anything I should do before my homestay?

A2:We will tell you about major culture and custom differences, as well as common misunderstandings faced during homestay during your Orientation. Of course, trying to learn what you can about the country you will visit by yourself is always a good thing, so feel free to ask around or read up on Japan.

Q3:I’m not exactly comfortable with eating raw fish, etc. Will that be a problem?

A3:Not at all. Please let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat and we will inform your homestay family beforehand. (But please consider trying something new! Japan has so much great food to offer.)

Q4:I’m concerned about the type of family I will be staying with. Does Nextage Homestay in Japan do any kind of screening beforehand?

A4:Yes, we certainly do. Our homestay staff visits each homestay and interviews the family personally, as well as inspects the accommodations to make sure they can handle an extra family member. However, remember that Japan, like any other country, has a wide variety of family situations and accommodations, so it might be best to not go expecting a family or house right out of your favorite Japanese drama or anime.

Q5:What if there is some problem or misunderstanding and I can’t communicate or resolve with my host family?

A5:If you try your best to communicate with your host family but can’t seem to work the problem out, please talk to our support staff. We will give you a 24-hour emergency contact number, so give us a call. Just remember: It may be a simple misunderstanding, so we suggest you think things through and try one more time to communicate with your family, but don’t be afraid to ask us for advice.