This class helps you acqure imput and comprehension skills to read through a whole paperback, listen to a short lecture and understand it almost completely if in a field of your interest, and grasp its theme and rough meaning regardless of topic and field.

You will also acquire output and expression skills to state making distinction between facts and opinions, organize your ideas logically, and write a passage using more than one paragraph with elaborate structure.

This class helps you prepare for academic study and research at university at an almost sufficient level.



  • Grammar: "New Complete master N1 Grammar" "Key rules of writing for international students" etc.
  • Reading: "Power of Reading Post-intermediate" "Workbook for intermediate/advanced Reading" etc.
  • Listening: "Skills for Listening to lectures" "NHK Human lectures" (authentic video)" etc.
  • Writing: "Revised edition of How to write logical passages" etc.

Lesson schedule

i.e., Step 2: 1 lesson (50 min) x 4 lessons / day

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Reading EJU, JLPT prep.
Output & Expressions Grammar Shadowing/Listening
3 Career design / Portfolio learning Writing Grammar EJU, JLPT prep.
Selective subjects
4 Kanji & Vocabulary Conversation

Note: The schedule is subject to changes in each term.