This class helps you acqure Japanese to communicate in Japanese in daily situations and topics, seek necessary help, and live an independent life in Japan. To attain this goal, you will acquire imput and comprehension skills to read and listen to a coherent text and grasp its theme and overall meaning. And you will also acquire output and expression skills to speak and write at least at paragraph levels even if not completely.



  • Grammar: "When and how you use Japanese expressions 200" "Japanese Grammar training" ...etc.
  • Reading: "Challenge to Reading" "Japanase Advanced Japanese Grammar" ...etc.
  • Listening: "Listening for Everyday plus40" "Japanese Live!" ...etc.
  • Writing: "Easy writing" ...etc.

Lesson schedule

i.e., Step 6: 1 lesson (50 min) x 4 lessons / day

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Carrer design / Portfolio learning Reading Grammar Grammar EJU, JLPT Prep.
2 Grammar
3 Output & Expressions Listening / Shadowing Writing Kanji & Vocabulary Reading
4 Conversation

Note: The schedule is subject to changes in each term.