Business Japanese

Business Japanese

Attainment goals

Oral skills Able to interact properly in work situations such as getting directions, briefing, and tending visitors for job seeking.
Writing and Reading skills Writing: Able to write emails to suit the purposes and business documents following formats, with consideration to the contexts.
Reading: Able to read business newspaper and magazine articles from a given point of view.
Honorifics Able to understand the system of attitudinal expressions including honorifics and use them according to the contexts without serious mistakes.
Business vocabulary Able to build up businees related vocabulary and expressions.
Business manners Able to understand the business manners and their premises, and practice their basics.
Japanese business Able to grasp the characteristics of Japanese business cultures.
BJT prep. Able to grasp the tendancy BJTexams and get used to their style.
Listening Able to grasp the factual outlines when listening to news in various topics.

Lesson Schedule

i.e., Step 2: 1 lesson (50 min) x 4 lessons / day

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Project Honorifics Project Learning advising Oral skills
2 Reading & Writing skills Listening Japanese business
3 Oral skills Oral skills BJT prep. /
BJT / Business vocabulary Reading & Writing skills
4 Business manners

Note: The schedule is subject to changes in each term.