This class helps you acqure imput and comprehension skills to read and listen to a long text and grasp its theme and overall meaning appropriately, regardless of topic and field.. And you will also acquire output and expression skills to state at using more than one paragraph making logical distinction .between facts and opinions. This class helps to uplift your daily Japanese into academic Japanese required at universities.



  • Grammar: "New Complete MasterN2 Grammar" "Nihongo Somatome N2 Grammar" etc.
  • Reading: "Power of Reading Intermediate" "Read and enjoy Japanese" etc.
  • Listening: "Japanese Live" "Listening Strategies for AdvancedJapanese" etc.
  • Writing: "How to write logical passages" etc.

Lesson Schedule

i.e., Step 4: 1 lesson (50 min) x 4 lessons / day

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Grammar Writing Reading Output & Expressions EJU,JLPT prep.
2 Reading
3 Shadowing/Listening Grammar Kanji & Vocabulary Career design/Portfolio learning Grammar
4 Conversation

Note: The schedule is subject to changes in each term.