COMMUNICA INSTITUTE -Japanese Language School in Kobe-

หลักสูตร I.S.(Private Lesson)


This course is the for people with special requests such as learning KANJI etc., or for people who do not fit the regular schedule course. Applicants will have an interview which will determine the appropriate day and time before the course starts. Once it starts, the day and the time can not be changed.


Until 6 p.m. before the day, the lesson cancelled on student's request can be moved to another day. However, cancellation on the day will be counted as one lesson.

The course will finish when the periods are over even if there are some lessons remaining.


Registration Fee : 5,000 yen

Lesson fee(9:00~18:00) ※18:00~:10%UP

Lessons Tuition Fee Periods
20 lessons (once a week) 72,000 yen 4 months
40 lessons (twice a week) 138,000 yen 5 months
60 lessons (3 times a week) 198,000 yen 6 months

* 2 lessons a day (1 lesson 45min.). The expense for textbook will be charged in addition to the tuition fee.

* For lessons after 18 o'clock, an additional 10% will be charged as well as ordinary tuition.

Documents to submit

  1. Application form / Needs & Readiness sheet
  2. 3 photos (one should be attached on the application form)
  3. Passport (copy)

Money transfer

Transfer money to the account listed below before classes start, and please bring a receipt.

Application form

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