COMMUNICA INSTITUTE -Japanese Language School in Kobe-

General Japanese / University and college preparation course
(6 months - 2 years / College student VISA)


This is a course for those who plan to enter a Japanese college and university. You can choose from four different learning periods (6 months - 2 years). Classes start in April, July, October, and January.


  1. We understand that knowing how to communicate your own "uniqueness" is an integral part of learning Japanese. Free yourself of the model conversations in textbooks, and learn how to say what you really want to say using Japanese from the very beginning. Here, you can do just that without losing your own "uniqueness".
  2. In Japanese communication, both "correctness" (in grammar and pronunciation) and "oral fluency" are important. We can help you learn Japanese "appropriately" from both points of view.
  3. In intermediate level classes and above with our Pre-college course, we shift our focus more to academic Japanese necessary to study and do research in Japanese colleges. It is not just for passing entrance exams, but to allow yourself to truly enjoy your college life as well.
  4. We help you acquire the ability of autonomous learning so that you can lead a successful life at your colleges or university. In some classes, we offer "seminar" style lessons where students choose their own themes, make their own plans and go along with them. All of our staff will support you to act more autonomously in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.


Classes start from one of eight steps, i.e. step 8 (beginner) to step 1 (advanced),  with each step lasting 3 months. You can be promoted to the next step after passing the examination at the end of each term. ...more

Lesson Hours (depend on each level)

Class Day Hours
Morning(Advanced) Mon. to Fri. 09:00 - 12:50
Mid-day(Intermediate) Mon. to Fri. 11:00 - 15:20
Afternoon(Beginner) Mon. to Fri. 13:30 - 17:20

* 50 mins × 4 lessons per day

* Lunch break:12:50~13:30

Qualification to Apply (* In case of going on to the next stage of education )  

  • ・Educational background :
    Applicants must have finished high school and have completed 12 years of school education abroad.

  • Time of Entrance / Application deadline(2018-2019)

      April July October January
    course period
    The end of Nov. The end of Mar. The end of May The end of Sep.
    time of issue The end of Feb. The end of May The end of Aug. The end of Nov.
    entrance date Apr.4 Jun.28 Oct.4 Jan.8

    Application documents

    The Applicant The Sponsor
    8 photos(4cm × 3cm) Letter of paying expenses
    Copies of ID card or passport Balance statement  of bank account
    Application Form Certificate of Employment
    Curriculum Vitae Certificate of income
    Purpose of studying in Japan Documents showing personal relationship between the applicant and the sponsor
    A diproma

    For more information, please refer to " Information for Entrance (PDF)".

    Procedure from Application to Entrance

    1)Communica Institute conducts its own internal selection through examination of the application documents, a written test and an interview.

    2)Communica Institute applies to the Immigration Bureau for a Certificate of Eligibility for the selected applicant.

    3)Once the Certificate of eligibility is issued, the applicant applies for a visa at Japanese Embassy or Consulate on his/her own.

    4)When a visa is issued, the applicant enters Japan on his/her own.

    Tuition etc.

    Please refer to attached information.
    Information for Entrance (PDF)

    Money transfer

    MUFG Bank, Ltd. Sannomiya Branch
    Swift code: BOTKJPJT
    An ordinary account: No. 1104182
    Bank Add.: 8-3-10 Isogamidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, JAPAN.

    Information for Entrance・Application Form

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    Course Guide