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We practice Japanese language education as intercultural education. While our behavior and ways of thinking are greatly influenced by our own cultures, intercultural communication does not work when we stick to our own way of thinking. Usually, we are unaware of “culture,” value or way of thinking as something natural as air. At Communica Institute, we aim to be aware of it and to share it. Our aim is to build a foundation on which, while cherishing your own culture, you can get over its boundary, find a new way and build a third culture by synergy.

  • Know thyself.
  • Learn through experience.

For those Communica Students seeking entry in Japan

About Us

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takeda sensei

Etsuko Takeda

maruyama sensei

Tomoko Maruyama

uchida sensei

Satsuki Uchida


Plan of Study

Entrance and Enrollment Period
Program Visa Type April July October January
Long-term Program Student 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months
Short-term Program Not required 1 - 3 months 1 - 3 months 1 - 3 months 1 - 3 months
Our Publishing

Our Books

Post-Elementary to Pre-Intermediate Levels

Yomu Chikara (Reading Power) Pre-Intermediate

Aiming at reading one step ahead:
・ Experience "academic reading" through language and cognitive processing.
・ Encounter a rich variety of texts of various genres and levels.

Intermediate Level

Yomu Chikara (Reading Power) Intermediate

Challenge yourself to try academic reading!
・ A collection of interesting texts well worth reading, such as essays by well-known writers and news articles.
・ It comes with a "table of skills" which helps you learn while checking your strengths and weaknesses.
・ Let's get over the "intermediate wall" with language processing plus cognitive processing.

Post-Intermediate to Pre-Advanced Levels

Yomu Chikara (Reading Power) Post-Intermediate

For those who aim at high-level reading. Challenge yourself to critical reading!
・ Improve your reading skills based on accurate processing language and cognitive levels.
・ Acquire critical thinking skills through "critical reading".
・ A collection of quality texts well worth reading, such as essays by well-known authors and educational books.