Long-Term Admissions


Admissions Long-Term 2024 - 2025

「General Japanese Course」

Our entrance period every year are below.

Entry Schedule

Entry Period
April / Spring term April 4 - June 17, 2024
July / Summer term July 4 - September 20, 2024
October / Autumn term October 4 - December 16, 2024
January / Winter term January 7 2025 - March 19, 2025

Admission Process

Entrance Period

April / Spring term July / Summer term October / Autumn term January / Winter term
Enrollment Period 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months 6 - 24 months
Counselling and document preparation Around October Around January Around April Around August
Application Deadline End of Nov. End of Feb. End of May End of Sep.

Documents to Submit

The applicant and the sponsor must to prepare the documents below in order to apply for our evaluate eligibility and administrative process.

Download the Application Form:

General Japanese Course (Student Visa required)

The Applicant

# Document name Comment
1 8 photos (4cm x 3cm) Write your name on the back of each photo. It must be taken in last 3 months, without a hat or cap. Length 4cm x Width 3cm
2 Passport copy Your identity page + Past Stay(s) in Japan
3 Application Form Application form, Curriculum Vitae, purpose of studying in Japan (*) The school specified form
4 A diploma or certificate of (expected) graduation completion of last school ・Diploma / Certificate of Graduation of the last school you completed.
・ Certificate of expected graduation if the applicant is still in school.
・ If the applicant (a high school graduate) is still in school and quit that school to come to Japan, submit both documents (1 and 2).

1: Certificate of graduation from high school
2: Certificate of enrolment (from the school you are in now)
5 Transcript of Academic Record *In case of going on to the next state of education
6 Certificate of studying Japanese language *The applicant who took Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or J-test is required to submit the record.
7 Certificate of Employment *In case of employed

The Sponsor

# Document name Comment
1 Letter of paying expenses *The school specified form
2 Refunding Policy The school specified form
3 Certificate of supporting studying in Japan Balance statement of bank account (Both Japanese yen and local currency are acceptable)
4 Certificate of Employment If the Sponsor is an employee of a company:
・Submit a certificate of employment carrying the company’ s name, its representative’ s signature, and its seal. (using a letter-head)

If the Sponsor is self-employed or a business owner:
・A copy of the company’s register or business permit.
5 Certificate of income Certificate of income payment for the last 1 years issued by statutory board.
6 Documents showing personal relationship between the applicant and the sponsor A Copy of family register or a copy of certificate of birth, family relationship certificate, etc.

・If the sponsor is not a relative of the applicant, submit documents or materials (ex: pictures, letters) proving a close relationship between them.

ex. If the company the applicant works for will pay his/her fees:

・A statement of reasons for paying the applicant's expenses.
・Company's register certified copy, a statement of accounts, a company's outline, etc.
7 Juminhyo In case of living in Japan.
8 A copy of residence card In case of living in Japan.



At the time of admission First semester (6 months) Second semester (6 months)
Application Fee 30,000 yen
Admission Fee 70,000 yen
Tuition fee 400,000 yen 400,000 yen
School Facilities 30,000 yen 30,000 yen
Activities fees 17,500 yen 17,500 yen
Total 517,500 yen 447,500 yen

Foreign Student Comprehensive Insurance fee

1 year 9 months 6 months 3 months
Amount 10,100 yen 8,000 yen 5,900 yen 3,400 yen

Bank Account

Domestic transfer in Japan, Overseas remittance.

Bank Name: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Sannomiya Branch
Ordinary Bank Account No.: 1104182
Account Name: Communica Institute
Bank Address: 8-3-10 Isogamidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, JAPAN

Payment in your own currency (not in all regions) or to pay by a credit card

Start the payment procedure from the URL on the right. https://www.flywire.com/pay/communica-institute

In you have any questions, please contact here: https://www.flywire.com/help